Skipjack Corporation
Introducing the state-of-the-art technology. Developing faster and secured technologies for everyday needs. Increasing data accessibility and enabling financial security to our users around the world.
1. Encryp Currency

Encryp Currency is Skipjack’s native currency. Also called Skipjack Dime (SJK), it runs on encrypblock algorithm. SJK differentiates itself from all the altcoins in the market with its hybrid protocol and multi-layer encryption, which ensures that all SJK transactions are secure and incorruptible.

2. Encryp Banking

Encryp Bank acts as a payment gateway for merchants and other businesses that handle transactions and payments. Encryp Bank allows businesses to accept payments in encryp or cryptocurrency instantaneously and securely.

3. Encryp Ledger

Encryp Ledger is an Encrypblock-based public ledger for record-keeping and public verification of transactions within the Skipjack ecosystem.

4. ZTN Token

ZTN Token (DOI) is designed to usher in customers into the Skipjack ecosystem. It runs on blockchain technology allowing users to purchase using their existing system, which can later be used to exchange, sell or trade to SJK.


@DOI is a multifaceted voice and text messaging app that’s fast, secure and interactive. With marketplace and 3rd party communication apps integration, users can easily communicate, collaborate, share files and even sell products all within the app seamlessly, efficiently and securely.

6. Zetanet

Zetanet, also called internet 2.0, is the new internet that promises faster, more secure and efficient network. It solves one of the world’s biggest problem- the era of Zetabtye and data overload.