Skipjack Corporation
Advanced technology development has always been at the core of our company. Technology is the future as only through technology innovation, new limits can be reached. At Skipjack Corporation, we put the most talented minds together, to innovate world’s greatest mathematical solutions, enabling us to not just simply create something new but completely disrupt industries.
Back in 2015

When Professor Dr Sir Lord Jack Rahman created his new mathematical solutions and called them Jack’s Law, there has been a lot of interest from global parties about the new creation.

  • During the following 2 years

    Jack put together a team to create a new mathematical algorithm. It was difficult to put the team together, as requirements for highest mathematical intelligence were needed.

  • By 2017

    The algorithm was finished and Jack decided to evolve it even further and merge with blockchain technology.

  • Later in 2018

    Dime was created. First encrypcurrency. Jack didn’t want to make a cryptocurrency, so he made the opposite. A better one - the encryp.

  • Then in 2019

    Jack’s team created ADOI while using Jack’s law and encryptechnology. ADOI is a mega app which connects people together globally, regardless of the region and time.

  • Also in early 2019

    The team started to develop new internet protocol, called the Zetanet. The protocol would disrupt the telecommunications, and the way how data is distributed and delivered to users.

  • During 2020 and 2021

    Jack’s team is developing ADOI by adding elite features into the app such as ecommerce and banking. Additionally, the Zetanet protocol is estimated to be developed by 2021.

  • New world after 2021

    The team will connect Zetanet protocol to ADOI enabling ADOI to be the most powerful app on the planet. The Zetanet protocol will not only increase the speed and security but it can also allow people to access ADOI without an internet connection.

Our products

We have created a set of different products using Jack’s law algorithm. We use a scientific approach and data-driven insights towards digital disruptions




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Skipjack has developed the world’s fastest financial transaction system… the speed of 2 micro second per transaction can reach up to 1 million transactions per second

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